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Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend update

Sleep gotten- PLENTY

Pairs of Booties knitted- 5
*Plain green with yellow ties for Flatley, who is being 'removed' on Wednesday
*Yoda-lookin' ones made with bright green yarn, some improvised ears and little buttons that I sharpied eyes onto. VERY cute, I'll have to make some to sell on etsy.com
*Yeti-lookin' ones made with floofy white yarn
*piggie-lookin' ones
*green shells that will probably be Yodas again.

Pairs of Booties knitted before I realized I was reading the pattern wrong-3

Girl scout classes taught-1

Bracelets delivered as part of commission-2

Meals eaten on Sunday-1

Cupcakes eaten on Sunday-1 (A SUPER delicious one from Key's cafe....some kind of berry and WHITE CHOCOLATE....ooooh so good.)

Perscriptions picked up-1
I've been coasting on the remnants of my 'scrip all week and my body has NOT been happy with me. I'm a little freaked out to be so dependant on taking a pill (well, 6) to keep my body functioning correctly, but I guess it's a small price to pay for a happy healthy GI system.

Laundry loads done-0

Laundry loads that should have been done-15

Bookstores visited-2

Kafka collections purchsed-1

Kafka stories/poems read-8

All in all, a very relaxing weekend. I really need to catch up on the Laundry situation, and clean my studio now that the big push for the photo shoot is done. Maybe next weekend I can set aside a day just for spring cleaning. I wish!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tha Sleepies

Sleep has always been a touchy thing for me. A constant battle to try to find a way to fall asleep and STAY asleep. It's not unusual for me to wake up 6-10 times in a night, long enough to actually realize I'm awake and have been for quite some time.

I try to work up a habit or ritual before hitting the sack, like, reading, not reading, having the radio on, having an aquarium for 'white noise', etc. but after a few weeks it goes all wonked again. Just like my deodorant wearing out after a few weeks, my body wizens up and the tricks no longer work. My latest issue, is that the space heater my landlord gave me burned up its plug and cord earlier this week. So now it's about 55 degrees in my room at all times.

This is not a big deal to me, the first off-campus house that I lived in during my college years at Morris was so cold (HOW COLD WAS IT?) that water would literally freeze in the glass next to my bed at night. But it's still hard for me to keep my feet warm as I refuse to wear socks to bed.
I wrapped them up mummy style with three layers of blanket last night, which of course was wadded on the floor by the time I got up around 11.

A good trick my mind plays on me-during the 7 minutes of 'snooze' afforded me by my POC alarm clock is this-my dream becomes the one where I'm in the shower, getting ready to go to work, or sometimes, actually in the car. I can dream my way halfway to work before it buzzes again, I wake up, and hit the snooze, yet again. Shower not taken, car not driven.

At least it beats Rajaheejahaja sleeping with me. That's my sister's cat, who I cared for while she was in the Peace Corps. Raja felt a dietary need to eat paper, which included magazines, bills, softcover books, and paper bags. If I closed my door, she HOWLED like someone had set her tail on fire. So I had to let her in and just encourage her with the help of a spray bottle, to stay away from my papers.

Raja once ate a hole in a map of Chicago my sister had laid out for me while I was visiting her. Betsy had marked all the interesting places for me to visit, and which bus routes to take, but just south of the Loop there appeared to be a giant crater. With cat-tooth marks all around it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alone at work

Supervisor and other co-worker called in sick today. It's a test of my will to see how much work I'll get done today.

I think I'm addicted to the internet. Finding all these hilarious blogs these past few weeks. My morning check-list is about 20 blogs long, now. Wow.

No time to be creative these past few days and it's starting to drag on me. I mean, at work I've done some computer work and some photos and designed some jewelry but it's not the same.

Finished up a friend's dress on Sunday night, and sewed a purse and a shawl for her too, but since then, NADA.

Need to do more research on the imagery of the Ramayana for this next kid's show. Need to make several monkeys, a bear, a couple of demons and oh yeah, a FLYING 10-HEADED DEMON KING. Great. Easy peasy!

Went and saw Cannibal:the Musical! last night at the 4th street in St. Paul. http://www.mechanicaldivision.com/home
My face still hurts from laughing/smiling the whole time.

Ok. Time to do some Work. My Madonna CD is over. That means I've wasted 58 minutes. Oy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Leaving it behind

I'd written a crazy, rambling diatribe here. Which I've thought better of, and removed.

All I'll say is, I need to learn not to invest so much in imaginary relationships.
Or ones born of conveinience. Ugh. I probably spelled that wrong. Anyway.

I'm attending a new church which I like very much.
I've only been to the Christmas service and yesterday's service, but the minister is amazingly gifted, the music is fantastic, and the congretation is young, diverse, and spiritually charged. I can't wait to learn more about this church.
The minister of this church was recently diagnosed with cancer, and his sermon yesterday touched on the concept of self-pity as a form of pride, which I'd never even heard of but it makes perfect sense.

So no more self-pity for me, I am only a victim if I choose to be one.