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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winter Wunderland

It's been snowing pretty regularly in Minnesota. I have to get a proper window scraper. This business of using whatever's in my car doesn't fly. Although, a cardboard coffee cozy does work surprisingly well!

One play closes this weekend and another one opens. It's always sad when a great show comes to an end. This cast has been truly exceptional to work with, and I'll miss this experience greatly! That being said, I wish I was making money on this show but sadly the box office hasn't met our expectations. MANY lessons have been learned on this show. If you live in the twin cities, come see our show ppppppplease? http://www.lavietheatre.com

I'm looking forward to having only one show in production, that will allow me time to knit for all the babiez coming later this winter/spring, and maybe send out some freakin' thank you cards from the big three-oh, which happened now, almost a month ago. YIKES.

All holiday gifts will truely be homemade this winter. I'm thinking, paper mache ornaments and food gifts. Everyone loves food!

Lastly, my cold seems to be improving. I'd thought yesterday that I'd caught another cold on top of the first one, but I think I just got something weird up my sniffer like some dust.

I discovered (or rather was introduced to) Raspberry Chai the other day, and now I can't stop thinking about it. Yum!


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