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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The calm after the storm

Well, now that Midsummer is over, what do I do with myself?

I rented two movies last night as I did the laundry for Best Christmas Pageant EVER. I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and maybe it's just the lack of a man in my own life, but I didn't really see the 'chemistry' between Brangelina in the movie. I thought there was more chemistry between Ryan Renolds and Wesley Snipes in Blade Trinity, the other movie of the evening. It was tttttteeeerrrrrible. I have enjoyed the other Blade movies reasonably well, but this one was over acted, over art-directed, and poorly scripted. Yeesh! Watching the commentary and extras made me hate it even more. Wow. Parker Posey, what are you doing in that movie?!?!?!
Ryan 'Soon to be mr. Alanis Morrisette' Renold's improvs were very funny however. You could totally tell, he thought the script was crap and just made up his own funny lines. Bravo to you, Van Wilder!

I'm sure I'll watch it again, before I have to return it. But it was awful.

I started knitting myself some fingerless cuffy things. I should be done with them tonight, unless I have to go back to the theater and clean. Ugh. I thought we did a fine job of cleaning, but I guess we didn't.

Gotta clean the car out of stinky actor costumes before they freeze. That's not good for anyone.

My car has a checkup on Thursday and I see my doctor on Friday. Hope for good things, for the both of us. EEP!


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