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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Day Before the Night Before Christmas

As per usual, this epic procrastinator has procrastinated up until preeeeetty much the last minute.

I have yet to finish a single gift for a single person on my list. Which is very edited this year, due to fundage issues. Most of the women are getting beaded items, most of the men, knitted ones.

I tried to knit a hat last night for someone who's birthday is mere days after Christmas. How much would that suck as a kid? So I wanted to make sure he gets very different Christmas and Birthday presents from me. I started it on Wednesday night, with a 3:1 ribbing for the first 2 inches, then just regular stockinette (I love circs! No purling!) for the top. After finishing the darn thing, I realized it was going to be too shallow. That's a common problem for someone who doesn't always use patterns to make things. The shaping on the top was so pretty and perfect though, that I couldn't bear to rip out the top. No worries, thought I. I'll just take off the bottom row, and pick up the stitches and go from there.

For some reason, it didn't occur to me to use a scissors until I'd gotten the first row completely un-bound. Ripping back the first row of something knit on circular needles sucks. It NEVER ran easily, I had to tease out the yarn on the front and back of every stitch. So I got fed up and started snipping. And like most other disasters in my life, I realized only too late that I was going to lose ALL of the ribbing I'd put on this damn thing, because I can't figure out how to pick up stitches in pattern.

Oh well, it was only about 1 hour of knitting the ribbing that I lost. And about 1 hour of trying to get rid of it and pick up the stitches that I'm going to re-start....and only about 1/2way through with that as it is.

The yarn was FREEEEEEEE from a workmate who is allergic to wool, who had gotten it from her mother-in-law. So it's nice that I'm not spending any money on this project, since the time and frustration that it's cost me adds up to, uh, A LOT. Anyway. It's hard knitting for guys because you can't add all the little decorative elements (read:mistake cover-uppers) that you can add for girls. I so desperately wanted to add some fun color work or ear flaps or tassels to this thing, but methinks he wouldn't appreciate it. So it's grey. And may or may not have ribbing when it's all said and done.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The calm after the storm

Well, now that Midsummer is over, what do I do with myself?

I rented two movies last night as I did the laundry for Best Christmas Pageant EVER. I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and maybe it's just the lack of a man in my own life, but I didn't really see the 'chemistry' between Brangelina in the movie. I thought there was more chemistry between Ryan Renolds and Wesley Snipes in Blade Trinity, the other movie of the evening. It was tttttteeeerrrrrible. I have enjoyed the other Blade movies reasonably well, but this one was over acted, over art-directed, and poorly scripted. Yeesh! Watching the commentary and extras made me hate it even more. Wow. Parker Posey, what are you doing in that movie?!?!?!
Ryan 'Soon to be mr. Alanis Morrisette' Renold's improvs were very funny however. You could totally tell, he thought the script was crap and just made up his own funny lines. Bravo to you, Van Wilder!

I'm sure I'll watch it again, before I have to return it. But it was awful.

I started knitting myself some fingerless cuffy things. I should be done with them tonight, unless I have to go back to the theater and clean. Ugh. I thought we did a fine job of cleaning, but I guess we didn't.

Gotta clean the car out of stinky actor costumes before they freeze. That's not good for anyone.

My car has a checkup on Thursday and I see my doctor on Friday. Hope for good things, for the both of us. EEP!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winter Wunderland

It's been snowing pretty regularly in Minnesota. I have to get a proper window scraper. This business of using whatever's in my car doesn't fly. Although, a cardboard coffee cozy does work surprisingly well!

One play closes this weekend and another one opens. It's always sad when a great show comes to an end. This cast has been truly exceptional to work with, and I'll miss this experience greatly! That being said, I wish I was making money on this show but sadly the box office hasn't met our expectations. MANY lessons have been learned on this show. If you live in the twin cities, come see our show ppppppplease? http://www.lavietheatre.com

I'm looking forward to having only one show in production, that will allow me time to knit for all the babiez coming later this winter/spring, and maybe send out some freakin' thank you cards from the big three-oh, which happened now, almost a month ago. YIKES.

All holiday gifts will truely be homemade this winter. I'm thinking, paper mache ornaments and food gifts. Everyone loves food!

Lastly, my cold seems to be improving. I'd thought yesterday that I'd caught another cold on top of the first one, but I think I just got something weird up my sniffer like some dust.

I discovered (or rather was introduced to) Raspberry Chai the other day, and now I can't stop thinking about it. Yum!