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Thursday, September 08, 2005

been a while

it's been a while since i've posted. my little world has been rocked, on several fronts. i attended two funerals last week, nothing i could write would pay tribute to the people that were lost, so i'll just say that phyllis and sean were two very special people, that i didn't know well enough, who will be sorely missed. the katrina disaster and aftermath are also completely heartbreaking, and it boggles the mind to think how something like this could have happened. well, we all know W-ho to blame for the lack of a federal response plan.
i am VERY much looking forward to this weekend, my friend the pipster will be around for a FANTASTIC wedding, i'm super excited to see and talk to her (HEY GIRL!) since i missed her this summer. i'm doing the flowers for this wedding which is something that i really love, and what i'll probably end up doing if i can get my crap together and open a store already......
i found a different apartment, i'll be living in the top floor of a house in st. paul, with a very lovely family of two tween agers and their super hip mom. i will have a dedicated studio space for the first time in my life and i'm just about ready to scream i'm so excited! yipppppppeee!!
no cats though, they are allergic. so i'm going to have to be happy with the family's mice.


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