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Monday, August 22, 2005

weekend update

had a rollercoaster weekend. housesat for the most lurvely of kitties, the furralicious Kit. Kit's dads are renovating a house on lake harriet, it's always great to go and stay there to see the progress on the place. the master bedroom was finally finished, along with a bathroom, so i didn't have to crawl down the stairs in the middle of the night when i had to get up.

also hung out with an old friend from college and ran into peeps i haven't seen in MANY years (but that she had just worked with during a fringe show) so that was fun to catch up! saturday AM i helped a friend move out her house, and spent the majority of the early afternoon with her and her daughter as well. i know they will be OK but i still can't help but worry for them.

saturday PM went to the wedding of a friend i've known since we were concieved, our parents have been friends since they were teachers together in the early 70's. her father passed away several years ago and there were some very very touching moments for everyone, it's making me tear up right now to think about it. it was one of the best weddings i've been to, ever.
lots of good memories from that one. and lots of catching up with friends who i haven't seen in a while-most of them have babies and it kinda freaks me out-like, wasn't i just getting kicked out of algebra class with you?

sunday AM the housesitting house owners came home so i chatted with them, packed up, headed to french meadow for a super yummy cake and watched some crazy lady try to park her boat-sized car in a kayak-sized spot right in front of my car, as i was walking up to it, and she backed RIGHT into my bumper. she's PRESSING my car back with her car and i'm stading right outside her passenger window (while the front half of her car is still blocking the traffic lane-that's how delusional she was thinking she could get in there) saying "NO NO NO NO" and the people on the porch of the house behind me were laughing, laughing, laughing. she finally realized that the laws of physics wouldn't allow her giant gold beast of a car to fit in the tiny spot and pulled back out into traffic and left. in her wake, she left a nice little skidmark on my front bumper. she also tried to turn up a one-way street, but that's another matter.

got home, surfed the internet, played with max the sweetie cat and distemper the friendly kitten who lives downstairs, avoided keezer the evil cat, and got ready for another wedding. drove out to stillie and was ALMOST late but got there just in time, to watch another set of good friends tie the knot. this one was outside, and the weather was JUST perfect. the dinner and dancing were also super fun-catching up with college peeps-and the cake was delish. lucky duckys are going to hawaii for 2 weeks.

what else....oh i tried to knit this weekend but it didn't work out so well. am knitting things too large. got to work on that. didn't get any jewelry made, but tonight i hope to get some necklaces made and some new dolls.

ok. better get some work done on dayjob. wish me luck!


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