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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ooh! A new blog!

I'm almost 30. I feel adrift in the sea of life. Things aren't going how I'd planned. Well, there really was no plan, there was just an idea, of a plan. I have a fantastic job working for a bead store in the warehouse, but I spend all my money on beads. Finally I'd found a cute apartment but the landlords aren't working out. More contract work is coming in for costume design, but it's never enough. The sharks are circling and my sense of desperation and agitation at never getting out of the hole is starting to keep me up at night. Ooh! What to do?!?!?! Why not tell the world of my desperate situation in the form of a blog?

I've decided to make my website www.eoinadesigns.com another job. I need to work at it, 20 hours a week. Making things to sell, updating it, promoting it. The only concrete plan I really had was to be working for myself by the time I was 30. Am starting a little too late, but something more needs to be added to the money mix or I'm going to have to move back in with my parents again. OY!


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