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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

oh yeah, something good

Just so you don't think I complain all the time, I saw the FANTASTIC movie, 'March of the Penguins' last night. It was like the best episode of National Geographic you've ever seen, times ten. It was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. My old roommate Shannon and I went to see it, and at one point I turned to her and said "Every time I fall down this winter I'm going to make that penguin noise" and she said "TOTALLY". It seems penguins and I share a propensity to fall over, a lot. They slide on their bellies when they do that, I'm not that fat yet. There was a brief section with some heavy penguin-on-penguin sensuality and some heartbreaking moments of life-n-death struggle, but other than that, I'd recommend this movie to practially anyone. I guess my mom and grandma had just seen it earlier in the day, I can't wait to hear what they thought of it.


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